South Asia G.O. Sends New Year Greetings to All Churches
1.12 2018 | OA

On New Year day, the general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia sends New Year Greetings to all the churches and ministries in the region - wishing them all the best in the year 2018.

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Keep Christ at the centre this Christmas: G.O. to Churches
12.14 2017 | OA

The general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia has exhorted all the churches in the region to keep Christ at the centre this Christmas season and bring blessings to many families and communities during this blessed Advent season.

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City Educational Tour Held for Underprivileged Children
12.5 2017 | Ministry Focus

City Educational Tour was held for under-privileged children from Olivet Children Project (OCP) wherein the children were visiting important landmarks in the city for the first time.

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Olivet Assembly of India Acquires School in Bengaluru
3.27 2017 | OA

The Olivet Assembly of India (OAI) has acquired school in Benguluru which was run by Christian couple for so many years; and as they are retiring to the States for the past few years - they have decided to sell the property as well as the school.

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