OA Churches

OA ministries include fourteen areas which serve the body of Christ in fulfillment of diverse professional needs.

These ministries are comprised of organizations or institutions that operate respective fields through believers who are equipped in these areas.

Church Planting

Olivet Assembly USA helps and assists future church planters who desire to plant congregations in North America. Church Planting is one of the most powerful method of bringing spiritual revival in American context.

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Church Growth

OA created a team which promotes member churches to give a particular care to improve their growth pattern. Pastors are assisted with diverse programs in regards to the goal of their Church Growth which include specific counseling, resources and strategies.

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Evangelism & Outreach

There is a variety of ways in evangelism and outreach. Evangelist is a word originated from “euangelion”, a Greek word meaning “a messenger who brings a good news”.

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Missionary Care

Missionary Care provides programs and services to help all OA missionaries stay spiritually, emotionally and physically strong. It is imperative to ensure every missionary in fields be assisted to prevent from any causes to distract their retention.

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Missionary Training

The Word of God and the Text of the Gospel do not change. However, the context of the world keeps transforming. Missionaries do need refreshing of their understanding and perspective in order to communicate the Gospel powerfully and intimately with the world.

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Indian Christian Leadership Institute

Indian Christian Leadership Institute is an education organization of World Olivet Assembly that focuses on training future leaders in Christian ministries.

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World Mission

Inspired by hope for a better, harmonious world, the OA Justice Ministry was established to be an important advocate for ensuring freedom of religion and belief as fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone, including Christians.

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