South Asia G.O. to Member Churches: Help and Pray for Kerala

Aerial view of the flood
(Photo : Wiki Commons)

The general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia has urged all member churches to help as much as they can and also to pray for Kerala as she faces the worst kind of flood in many years. 

According to various sources, the unprecedented and incessant rains have caused the loss of at least 445 deaths, rendering over a million of people homeless and dozens are reportedly missing. 

More than 50,000 homes have been wiped out and the goverment source said more than 10,000 kilometres of roads have been destroyed or damages or unusable. 

The general office of OA South Asia urged member churches to help and participate in giving and donations through various agencies that are working in the area including World Visions, and other Aid agencies. 

"May the Lord allow everyone affected by the flood to restore their life back to normalcy as soon as possible," the communique from the general office to member churches stated.