South Asia G.O. Gives Tips for Activities in Summer

South Asia map

The general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia has given tips and advice for activities which include outreach and evangelism during Summer. 

"Summer is a good time to run VBS (Vocational Bible School) in churches to equip young and old alike in the word of God in a fun and enjoyable way as many are free, especially students as it is during their Summer vacation," said the statement from the general office. 

The general office made specific recommendations for children, youths, young adults, adults and seniors. The details are distributed to the churches and ministries. 

The idea, according to the general office is to engage with the believers - encouraging them to utilize their freet time well and at the same time strengthening them to be part of the greater works of God. 

Retreats and other activities were also suggested which were sent directly to the churches. 
May the Lord bless the tips and advice.