Five-Hour Old Testament Survey Held at Delhi Church

Old Testament Survey held at Delhi church

Evangelical Graduate Fellowship (EGF) which is part of Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) conducted Old Testament studies at Immanuel Community Church in New Delhi on Sunday afternoon recently. 

The title of the gathering was "Old Testament Made Easy: Unveiling 6000 years of Bible History in 6 Hours," but it actually went for 5 hours due to time constraint.

The teacher was Rev. Dr. Godwin Nickelson, who is a missionary cum church leader of Evangelical Church of India, who is based in Gujarat. He is a vet doctor who went on to learn theology from Serampore and got his Ph.D in Old Testament.

Dr. Nickelson's teaching style was recommended well by all the attendants as being innovative and easy to remember.

He said, "We must know the Old Testament like we know how things are kept in our living room. Where is the sofa, tv set, table, etc. We must store them in our heart-disc just like a computer has a hard-disc for storing things."

The scholar believed that the OT should be studied in a chronological order in order to understand it best and went on to explain the OT as carrying two important things: 1) History of the of the Israelites and 2) The message of the LORD to the people.

Using chairs, bottles and the attendants, the reverend taught the lesson in nearly five hours and no one seemed to get bored but everyone was fully engaged in the process.

About 30 people attended the seminar who all testified how they have enjoyed the innovative teaching of the OT scholar.